The IRS is here to help

We’ve been working hard this rainy season getting ready to create the best fishing experience we can offer.

On dry land, we’ve found our headquarters and are working to create a comfortable B&B to accommodate a fisherman’s early schedule. Read about that here.

And on sea, Pablo and Martin, along with a little help from our friends, have been testing out the latest addition to the SKA fleet, the Isla Red Snapper (IRS).

Testing is definitely the right word.  In our attempts to test out the new equipment, we found ourselves tested with nearly a week’s worth of pre-dawn rainy mornings and aborted attempts to launch.

Day 6 we took a break from the bells and whistles, got back into the yellow office, and had some luck with Allison and Bryan from Philadelphia. It’s good to catch fish, eh?

Day 7. Day 7 we were rewarded for our patience and determination. Yellow fin tuna for dinner, with a fresh sashimi appetizer in the fishing village only a few hours after they’d been caught. We’d like to to say it was thanks to Neill’s getting skunked the night before; must’ve smelled delicious to the fish.

This first successful trip was a week ago and it’s been pretty fishy since. Mackerel tuna, yellow fin tuna, mancha snapper, pampano.

Check out this video of Pablo reeling in a yellow fin tuna.  Can’t get any fresher than this.

While we’ve had fun stretching her legs, our goal is to provide support to kayaks while they’re out trolling, jigging, popping and live-bait fishing — another service we can offer to make your fishing vacation one to remember.

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