Today we are grateful for the protection of a mountain range from a hurricane, for our families, and for a short paddle out to some fishy waters.

The only news it appears right now is Hurricane Otto making it’s landfall on Costa Rica’s and Nicaragua’s Caribbean coast.  We are fortunate to be on the Pacific side with a formidable mountain range between us and the Caribbean. While we’re likely to receive a little more rain than usual, our thoughts are with those whose homes cannot withstand this once in a lifetime storm (the last one was in 1851). Click here for information on  donating to the Cruz Roja in Costa Rica.

For our parents, and those concerned, as of posting this on Thanksgiving afternoon, we are fine, only light rain to report.

Here on the west coast we have been blessed with the calm before the storm.  Often fishermen will recount days of endless fish just before a big storm, and here it’s been no different.  Cloudy skies means for cool mornings, and the fish have been biting just offshore. Less paddling means more fishing.

Yesterday was a successful morning with Mark from England in a kayak with Martin, and Pablo paddling support. The fish were biting —  barracuda, jacks, sea bass, and a catfish.


Jonathan and Juergen from California had good luck this morning trolling, catching a beautiful cubera snapper, as well as a small mackerel and a jack (released). They will definitely be eating well tonight.

And finally, David from Oregon tried his luck with a fly rod, and found his reward in a lovely barracuda. Sounds like ceviche!


  He also had luck with a jack (released) and Martin caught a … well, he caught something. Anyone have any idea?

All in all, can’t complain about the fishiness that has settled in near the shore of our little beach town.  Catching fish to eat off of for a few days while the storm passes doesn’t sound too bad.


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