Hook ’em while they’re young!

If you asked our guides, Pablo, Martin, and Alex, whether they remember their first fishing experience, they’d probably think for a minute and say “no.”  Not because it wasn’t memorable, but because they began so young, most memories include a fishing rod in hand. It’s only natural that they get excited to see the next generation getting hooked on a hobby that really turns into a lifelong passion.  Chances are that not every kid we take out on the kayak is going find the same fascination with fishing that we have, but we know that the odds are good. So we jumped at the opportunity to take out a great group of kids here in Mal Pais, students of the Nomadic Democratic School of Awesome! (Just take a minute to enjoy that name.)

Classroom for the School of Awesome

Created and led by Ashley Fraser Keir, who has taken her educational background and experience to create a learning environment in which kids want to participate, this is the second adventure with Sea Kayak Adventures that Ashley has arranged for the students of Awesome. Last year, a large group of students ranging from six to 14 years took a paddle up the Rio Manzanillo. We were impressed with these kids from the beginning, and they didn’t disappoint for Round Two.

Over the span of a few hours last Monday afternoon, Pablo and Martin made several trips in and out of Mal Pais’ natural harbor, future fish-nut in the front seat of the kayak.  These kids were eager and the fish showed up for them. By the end of the afternoon, the kids had reeled in a mancha snapper, four moon fish (released), and several barracuda (some released, some enjoyed for dinner) — and at least one fell asleep before making it back to the beach (perfect guide material). The kids helped and watched as their dinner was filleted, a great opportunity for them to get to know their food.

Thanks to Ashley, and all the kiddos and parents at the School of Awesome! We can’t wait to have you guys out on the water again!

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