We are but simple fishermen, always called to the ocean for one last check of the conditions, making predictions about tomorrow’s shot at catching dinner.  We spend our time at home rigging our gear and trying to figure out what will be biting in the morning.  We are three men, bound in our relentless attempts to outsmart millions of years of evolution.  So, basically, we really like to fish.

Pablo Hein started fishing as a small child in Uruguay.  Martin Petersson started casting rods not long after he learned to hold one in southern Sweden. And Alex Graham found his fishing grounds early on near Boston.  A few decades later, they would meet in Playa Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.

In 2012, Pablo and Martin turned their passion into their livelihood and started Sea Kayak Adventures, offering environmentally friendly fishing and paddling tours of the waters around Mal Pais. Three years later, Alex decided to invest and take on the role of co-owner, in addition to fishing guide.

Pablo pulled in this 7 ft. nurse shark after Martin hooked it and fought it for 30 minutes. The hook was removed and the shark was released.
Martin caught this Roosterfish on his birthday 2016. Normally, we release roosterfish, but this one got foul-hooked and made a wonderful BBQ.
Happy Alex. Sad Amber Jack. Good dinner.


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