Surfers have surf camp. There’s band camp and summer camp. Fantasy baseball and rock star camp. Why not fish camp?

Sea Kayak Adventures held a brick and mortar storefront for four years, and we’ve done our best to create the best fishing or paddling experience possible for every client that walked through our doors. But over the years our clientele has changed, and this past year, we closed our office, making reservations mostly on the phone or online. We are still happy to cater to families and novice fishermen, but word has gotten out to those, like us, who have the fever…and so BLUEwater Fish Camp seemed like the next logical step.


BLUEwater Fish Camp isn’t just for the fisherman with saltwater in his veins, though. We acknowledge, even if we don’t understand, those who don’t share our love of all things fishing. We’ve created options for everyone: avid fishermen, the casual weekend fisherman, the novice, and the people who love them all. Check out the following options and build your adventure. Price schedule below.

“So, There I was…” Fish Camp

You’ve got a fish story or two under your belt. You know how you like to rig your gear. You came here to catch fish and chew bubble gum, and you’re all outta bubble gum. You’re one of us. We can smell our own.

During your week-long camp, we’ll set aside at least five days of fishing for you.  Based on weather and fishing conditions, as well as your physical abilities and fishing goals, we’ll plan the best week of fishing we can for you.

This is a great option for the lone fisherman, or up to four fishing buddies for an annual fishing trip.

“Fishing Widow” Fish Camp

Repeat the following: Honey, I have a surprise for you! I got you a week-long (INSERT WHICHEVER BEST APPLIES: YOGA/SURF/SPA) vacation in beautiful Mal Pais, Costa Rica. Don’t worry about me, I think I can find something to do while we’re there.

We know that not everyone is as passionate about fishing as we are, and we love them anyway. Keep your “Fishing Widow” happy while you’re out catching dinner. This camp offers the fishing enthusiast the “So, there I was…” Fish Camp, while keeping your significant other busy with the best Mal Pais/Santa Teresa has to offer. Your S.O. will be able to fill four reservations with activities of their choice from the menu on this page. (Additional activities can be scheduled for an extra charge.) In addition, one of your fishing days will be allotted to a Sunset Bait Fishing tour together, because fishing can be romantic.

“It takes a (fishing) village…” Fish Camp

Bring the family, we’ll take care of them just like your “Fishing Widow.” Maybe some of the clan has the fever, and some are immune. Choose which family members will enjoy four days of fishing during your week long camp, and which will be surfing, SUPing, hiking, relaxing, and finding different ways to explore our little beach town.

Unlike “Fishing Widow,” this does not include a group Sunset Bait Fishing tours, however, you can add one, or a family trip up the Rio Manzanillo or Rio Bongo to check out the river wildlife for an additional charge.

Fish “du jour” Camp

Oooh, that sounds delicious. I think I’ll have that. Want to build your own fish camp? Choose from the à la carte menu here for fishing tour options, as well as other local activities to tailor your vacation.  Keep in mind that your selections are puzzle pieces that we will fit into the your stay to best optimize that chances that you’ll be eating fresh caught fish for dinner.

Tour upgrades include drinks and snacks while you’re fishing, and lunch when you come in.  Sunset Bait Fishing tours will include refreshments of your choice; inquire when making your reservation. Prices below are for fishing tours and local activities only, however, we will gladly also make your lodging and transportation arrangements, depending upon your budget. Keep in mind that if your vacation falls during our high season (Christmas – Easter), it’s best to make reservations as far in advance as prudent.

price schedule