If we’re really honest, we’re a tour company with a fishing problem.

We’re the mailmen who take walks on our days off.

We eat, sleep, breathe fishing.

Here are the tours we offer, for every level of skill and enthusiasm. If you’re not really into fishing, be careful! We just might get you hooked.

Sunset Bait Fishing

2-3 hours     $60/person     3 pm

Maybe you don’t know whether or not you like fishing.  Maybe you’ve never tried it, but you’ve been curious.  Let us be your first.  Fish and chill 😉 A relaxing afternoon on the water.  Bait fishing, cooler, and sunset. Feel free to bring your own refreshments!

Ocean Kayak Fishing

3-4 hours     $90/person    ~6 am

We make daily checks of the ocean, tide charts, and swell reports.  We talk to the old fishermen in the village, and then we plan our next trip out.  Fishing by the conditions: trolling for snapper and barracuda, popping for jacks and roosterfish, whatever is biting that day.

Half-Day Fishing

6-7 hours     $130/person    5 am (or earlier)

Early to bed. Early to rise. Fish all day. Make up lies.

For the passionate fisherman: wake up early and watch the sunrise while trying out different techniques and gear. We’ll start paddling in the dark, stop for breakfast on the ocean after about a half an hour, then continue on to at least one of five reefs where we like to stalk big snapper, grouper, tuna, and amberjack.  NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART!

Isla Red Snapper: Kayak-Support Panga

3 hours     $250 – up to 2 people

Half-Day     $400 – up to 2 people

OK, so not everyone is up for the near-marathon paddle that is sometimes necessary to get out to where the sea floor drops, where the tuna and dorado run. Reserve the Isla Red Snapper and save your energy for the fight with a bent rod. We call it “the Mothership.” Enough said.

Is this not enough? Want to spend your vacation with tight lines and fresh fish? Need something to get your fishing widow on board?

Let Kelly, our “Girl Friday,” tailor a BLUEwater Fish Camp for you and your friends or family, so all you have to do is EAT, SLEEP, FISH, REPEAT!


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Transportation is NOT included, but can be arranged.

Find out what you need to bring HERE!

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